What started as an inherited recipe of homemade basting sauces from a small town family of the Zambezia Province, has evolved into an intriguing range of Portuguese cuisine for all taste buds. It all started with the Portuguese settlement in Mozambique in the 1500’s where two vastly different flavours united. It is this historical fusion of flavours which inspired us to showcase our ancestral tastes.

Zambeekas Food Video

Zambeekas owned by Z Restaurants Pty Ltd. brings to you a successful business model. We offer a delicious menu and a hunger to satisfy our customer’s cravings. We believe in a customer-centric approach and if you believe in what we believe, then join our family. If you want to own a franchise, please contact us at

From fiery spices to subtle tangs bursting with flavour, there’s something for everyone at Zambeekas. Our authentic homemade sauces cultivated from local ingredients will coat every bite of our succulent char-grilled chicken to provide the ultimate dining experience. All our chickens are marinated in our signature Zesty Lemon marinade and grilled to perfection with five great flavours to choose from; BBQ, Zesty Lemon, Mild Chilli, Hot Chilli and, if you dare, Extreme Hot Chilli. Our meals include a range of burgers, wraps, pitas, salads and chicken. Zambeekas Restaurants, known for their tender char-grilled chicken and delectable sauces, welcomes you to dine at their Brisbane locations.